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  • Hezekiah

Emerald Grown: Empowerment.

Information is power.

There is a lot going on everyday in the state capitol. Our primary mission at Emerald Grown: Empowerment is to make sure you have good, timely information about what is happening, especially in the legislature. Welcome to the inaugural edition of Emerald Grown: Empowerment, our weekly capitol update. :-)

Today, the legislature reconvenes.

The undeniable reality is that the regulated cannabis marketplace is in crisis. Will the legislature seek to take action to address this crisis? How? What stakeholders are supporting what policies? What are proposed policies intended to achieve? Will their be unintended consequences? These are the types of questions we will address each week.

Let's stimulate some dialog!

We also encourage you to participate in the dialog. Throughout our updates you will find links to quick opinion polls. You can share your opinion and commentary there and (with your permission) we will include your commentary in our weekly updates.

A few policy discussions to kick things off:

Cultivation Tax - There has been a lot of talk recently about replacing the "weight based" tax with a "rate based" tax. Basically instead of taxing each ounce sold the tax would be calculated as a rate of the sale price.

While it may make sense from some limited perspectives, let's cut to brass tacks: this policy would result in a tax break for low value flower, while producers of high value flower would see a tax increase.

What do you think of this policy?

Get rid of the cultivation tax entirely? Now there is something to get behind :-) The real question though - can the legislature reform the tax or does Prop 64 need to be changed by the voters? We probably should know for sure before we spend too much time and/or resources barking up the wrong tree.

Agency Consolidation - We want cultivation of cannabis to be regulated like other agriculture. That goal is a long way off and it won't get closer without focus. Consolidating licensing into the BCC will not help move things in the right direction. Consolidating the agencies is problematic for the simple reason that moves cultivation further away from agriculture.

What do you think of this policy?