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Emerald Grown Membership

Mission statement

Emerald Grown is a member-owned mutual benefit corporation composed of cannabis cooperatives and growers working together to ensure the emerging global cannabis market reflects our aspirations and values.


Emerald Grown Membership

Farmers should get to focus on being farmers and farming! The Emerald Grown membership program allows you to focus on what is most important to you. By becoming an Emerald Grown member you will receive access to

  • Compliance software

  • Certification program

  • Clones for Emerald Grown: House Brand

  • Legal services

  • And more as it comes online in 2020


Membership comes at no upfront cost to the cooperative or farm. Membership dues consist of a contribution of a portion of your annual crop determined by your canopy size:

  • Cottage: 3lbs

  • Specialty: 5lbs

  • Small: 7lbs

  • Mid Sized: 9lbs


Membership contributions will be the foundation for the Emerald Grown house brand. 

Marketing Opportunities

If you wish to engage EG Management & Services to sell and market your product after harvest, there are many ways in which we can do this for you!

Emerald Grown House Brand is a solid, reliable flower brand, our house brand highlights various small batches of different varietals from different regions. We package it and test it.


Emerald Grown house brands come to market through Three Grades:

  • “Reserve” means the best Product from the harvest of a farm, hand-selected by the farmer and determined to be the farm’s best quality in good faith by the farmer. Minimum size shall be ½ inch and a flower shall be of the farm’s highest quality.

  • “Premium” means Product that is not “Reserve” but that is consistent in quality with a farm’s standard product.

  • “Mids” and “Craft Mids” mean Product that is at a farm’s lowest level of quality that is marketable as a jarred flower product. 


Terms: 60-day terms upon delivery of the product, note terms apply only when entering into a marketing agreement to participate in Emerald Grown House Brand, not when participating in Emerald Grown House Brand through a membership agreement. 

Commitment: Minimum 10 lb batch

Farm Cut is focused on ultra-small batches (10 pounds), of minimally processed flower direct from the farm- the same way the farmers have always done it. For the consumer, this brand provides affordable high-end flower: hand-selected “reserve” tops packaged in “bulk” size half-ounce jars. For the farming, by packaging the product themselves it provides a larger cut of the revenue. 

Flower Standards:

Cooperatively decide that only the best plants go into farm cut packaging

  1. Super frosty, dank first cuts that have been properly stored. 

  2. Buck buds off branches into no bigger than ~2.5 inches long

    • Set aside buds that do not make the AAA grade

    • No yellow leaves or leaves without trichomes 

    • No mildewy or moldy buds


Terms: 60-day terms upon delivery of the product

Commitment: Minimum 10 lb batch

If you have your own brand, you can participate in the Emerald Exchange. We represent small-batch, family farmers from Northern California who honor the tradition and heritage of working with the elements to produce the cleanest and most fully expressive cannabis in a socially, economically and environmentally regenerative way. Emerald Exchange brings the brands of its member farms to market. 


Terms: 5% sales commission 

Commitment: non-exclusive sales agreement

Available at select locations, the Emerald Outpost is a first-of-its-kind collection of highly curated cannabis products from Northern California. With a focus on education at the retail level through the Emerald Outpost Brand Ambassador program, we make sure consumers know why they need to know from where their cannabis comes.


Terms: Participate in Emerald Exchange and a monthly fee to participate in brand ambassadorship program

Commitment: non-exclusive sales agreement

General Sale Agreement

If you do not wish to have your flower input into a specific brand listed above we can represent you through a general sales agreement. We have multiple wholesale outlets where we can represent your product.

Service Opportunities

If you wish to engage EG Management & Services to sell and market your product after harvest, there are many ways in which we can do this for you!

Distribution Services


$140 per hour from pickup to destination, loading/unloading. We do not charge return trip


Testing / Quarantine

$1,000 per batch (includes the fee to the testing lab)


Packaging Services

Pre-Rolls: $0.78 per unit 

Packaged Flower: $1.00 per unit

Base price includes 3 touchpoints

Additional touchpoints $0.10 each

$500 minimum order, Volume discounts available

Prices do not include material costs

Sana recycled Ocean Plastic available



5% sales commission on all wholesale transactions


Brand Consulting and Management

Interested in starting your own brand and not sure where to start? Have a brand you’d like to see reach its full potential? Love your brand and want to create new graphics, videos or marketing materials? Our team of experts has created brand identity content for some of the largest consumer brands in the world, and is excited to bring that experience to you!