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Emerald Grown Membership

Emerald Grown is a member-owned mutual benefit corporation composed of cannabis cooperatives and growers working together to ensure the emerging global cannabis market reflects our aspirations and values.

Emerald Grown Membership

Farmers should get to focus on being farmers! The Emerald Grown membership program allows you to focus on what is most important to you. By becoming an Emerald Grown member you will receive access to

  • Compliance software with Simplifya

  • Third-party certification through The Cannabis Conservancy

  • Clones for Emerald Grown: House Brand

  • Legal services as it relates to forming a cooperative

  • And more as we grow in 2020


Membership comes at no upfront cost to the cooperative or farm. Membership dues consist of a contribution of a portion of your annual crop determined by your canopy size:

  • Cottage: 3 lbs

  • Specialty: 5 lbs

  • Small: 7 lbs

  • Mid: 9 lbs


Membership contributions will be the foundation for the Emerald Grown house brand. Like with food co-ops, member-owners will be entitled to patronage dividends based on the amount of cooperative services they use. They will also have the ability to participate in the governance of the organization, thereby having a stake, and a say, in the very vehicle designed to help bring their product to market.