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Emerald Grown is a member owned mutual benefit corporation composed of cannabis cooperatives and growers working together to ensure the emerging global cannabis market reflects our aspirations and values.


Transforming Agriculture

Emerald Grown is composed of growers and cooperatives.

We believe that communities and societies derive an irreplaceable cultural and economic value from small farms.

Our primary focus is bringing efficiencies of scale to cannabis agriculture without consolidating ownership.

We achieve this through shared facilities, pooled resources, and strategic partnerships with businesses and investors.

Through our partnerships we are able to offer our members a suite of services, including:

  • Packaging and Labeling

  • Distribution and Transportation

  • Compliance and Policy

  • Branding and Marketing

  • Manufacturing and Production

If you are a licensed grower and want to learn more please sign up below.



Building Durable Partnerships

We provide a suite of services to businesses throughout the licensed cannabis supply chain, including:

  • Sourcing and Procurement

  • Branding and Marketing

  • Manufacturing and Production

Whether brand new to the industry or transitioning an existing brand we can help you succeed in California cannabis.

Retail Partners Program -

We are please to work with select retailers throughout the state to continually raise the bar for choice, convenience, and affordability.

2019 Wholesale Catalog -

This has been a great season and the harvest is being celebrated as a standout by growers in different regions throughout the state. Our catalog provides an overview of some of the great varietals available in the harvest.

If you would like to receive our 2019 wholesale catalog please contact theresa@cooperativecalifornia.com.


A Welcoming Cannabis Experience

If you like cannabis flower you probably already love Emerald Grown. If you don't know us yet you can learn more about us below.

Brands -

We work with a diverse collection of brands to meet every consumers needs.

Emerald Exchange -

The Emerald Exchange is California's go to source for a collection of highly curated cannabis products from Northern California.

Emerald Outpost - 

Each Outpost is a fully customizable sales experience, providing consumers a deep dive into California cannaculture with every purchase.

Coming soon:


  • Stores

  • Scheduled Farm Fresh Delivery

  • Farm Tours